TruBodx Keto inhale taking your feet into your hands so I'm reaching through the insides of my legs to grab my heels if you can only reach your calves that's totally fine or if you have towels or straps by all means use them and here we are going to be activating that belly pulling that belly button in and just reaching to bring our knees to our armpits and if you're again like I said if you're just here hanging out and you're like nose as far as I can go that's totally fine yeah no that's awesome I'm all for whatever works for you you find whatever modifications handle you thank you so much for the questions Tracy mmm-hmm curious about life aren't you and we're breathing we're breathing laughing if you want to laugh that's the best medicine can take live too serious all right so feel free to come down out of your happy baby into or a comfortable seated position this is where I'm going to tell you how you can win your fabulous new dragonfly outfit what I would like to see is a picture of you falling along to all four parts of this series and take a picture every time you complete one of the videos of you working out to it please tag us on at psyche truth fitness hashtag psyche truth fitness challenge and if you complete all four and us and tag us in your Instagram pictures we will pick one lucky random winner to win the fabulous beautiful black outfit that is similar to what I am wearing and it was so soft and stretchy and I can't wait to wear this to my next yoga class or lehre class thank you

TruBodx Keto Reviews so much for joining and good luck [Music] some quick effective butt lifting workouts today so everything I'm going to teach you is to focus on enhancing your curves so more outer hip workouts to make sure that it's situates the feminine curves that you want to really gain here so let's get started so there is absolutely no equipment needed for these workouts just have some water nearby and let's get started so we're going to get on all fours here and make sure that your wrists are right below your shoulders okay so the first thing you're going to do is keep your left leg your left to knee extend it like this and then you're gonna keep your right knee on the floor or on your mat however you have it placed okay the reason being that we are stretching our calf muscles right now is that this exercise that we're going to do and most of them are focusing on strengthening in a calf and also our hamstrings and glutes and also our hip area so all of these explosive workouts are going to come from the feet and the ankles and so forth okay you can move around and push back a little bit to intensify the stretch okay now we're gonna come up and bring our left knee back to the mat and extend your right leg do the same thing that you did with your left okay breathe into your calf [Music] with all of these workouts you still want to make sure you're engaging your core okay that is very essential to burn extra body fat and making sure that you are getting that core stabilization that you really need throughout these workouts good and place



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